By Jim Moore

Neil Glazer

Pilot Mall President Neil Glazer plans to certify the Flight Training Cockpit—Advanced Panel as a basic aviation training device.

Pilot Mall on April 9 rolled out its entry into the aviation training and flight simulation market: a simulator instrument panel that can be customized with a variety of Saitek computer-driven instruments and controls for in-home realism.

Pilot Mall President Neil Glazer said the $395 panel—on sale for $295 at the Sun ’n Fun International Fly-In & Expo—allows users to mix and match instruments and controls to create a wide range of cockpits. Glazer said the modules, most priced around $130, can be assembled into a full IFR panel with annunciator panel, autopilot, yoke and rudder pedals, and engine controls for around $2,100 at the show, or $2,500 at regular price.

The components can be purchased separately, or delivered fully assembled as a group in a panel designed to mount on a tabletop or desk. The required computer, flight simulation program, and monitor are sold separately. The Saitek components are designed to work with Microsoft Flight Simulator X out of the box, or X-Plane with installation of additional drivers.

“We see this as a platform that we can build upon,” Glazer said, noting there are plans to develop a glass cockpit version, and paperwork will be filed in May for FAA certification as a basic flight training device.

Panel and instruments

Pilot Mall created the panel, and Saitek created the instruments and other modules that can be mixed and matched. The system is on sale at a discount at Sun ’n Fun.